Remember What Being in Love Felt Like?
Want to Feel it Again?

Imago Couples Workshop
Restoring the Love Connection

The Workshop:

Imago Dialogue is the language of connection, which can keep your relationships fresh and dynamic. It helps you to get beneath everyday conflicts to rediscover a deeper connection, and rekindle love.

In dealing with others, we often build a protective shell in order to feel safe, keeping others out. Sometimes we even fight to stay safe in our shells. Imago Dialogue makes it possible to reach out beyond our shells.

Within the safe environment created by Imago Dialogue, we listen without judgment, and in turn feel delighted by being heard.  Being clearly heard and understood creates safety, which leads to deeper connection and intimacy. That’s the power of Imago Dialogue.

A comfortable, relaxed, emotionally safe and fun experience, held in an informal setting.  You and your partner will both feel respected, listened to, valued and empowered.  While couples are invited to participate in exercises in a supportive atmosphere, you are not pressured into awkward self-disclosures.  The workshop encourages partners to share with each other and confidentiality is maintained. 

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Now You Can Benefit
from techniques
to improve "your" relationships. Whether you are married, in a long or short term relationship, or just want to improve the one you've got, an Imago Couples Weekend is a satisfying experience.
One Imago Couples Workshop
is equal to months of therapy and jump starts changes in your relationship over an intensive weekend eeperience.


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“Getting the Love You Want” Couples’ Workshop
Saturday, May 03 (8am - 7pm)
Sunday, May 04 (12pm - 7pm)
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Stephen R. Plumlee specializes in Imago Therapy and is a certified individual, couples and Imago Workshop therapist and clinician. IMAGO therapy is based on the work of renowned marriage therapist, Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D. authors of best sellers, "Getting the Love You Want, Keeping the Love You Find, and Getting the Love that Heals".


Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD developed Imago Relationship Therapy based on their deep knowledge of psychology, clinical experience, and the lessons of their own relationship. An indication of the success of Imago is that Oprah Winfrey included "Imago Theory" in her list of "Unforgettable! Oprah’s Top 20 Shows".